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Morinda Citrifolia



Indian mulberry, commonly known as Noni, is a bush mostly found in the tropical regions of the world, such as Hawaii and also in some parts of India. In India, the powdered extracts from roots, leaves and fruit of the plant have been traditionally used as a sedative and for many other medicinal purposes. The plant can grow up to 9 m tall, and has large, simple, dark green, shiny and deeply veined leaves. It is used for treatments like joint pains, immune problems, pain relief, cellular r egeneration and more. Noni fruit rich with numerous enzymes (proteins) and alkaloids has great body nourishing properties. Scientific resear ches have shown that Noni fruit stimulates the immune system, regulating cell function and cellular regeneration of damaged cells. It is particularly useful in supporting the nervous and structural systems (especially pain in joints) and for skin health. Noni has further such properties that are beneficial in fighting fatigue, depression, sexual dysfunction and arthritis. Noni Fruit is most well known for is the compound alkaloid proxeronine, which is believed to be a precursor to xeronine. Xeronine is an alkaloid, which is believed to activate dormant enzymes and support healthy cell function. Noni Fruit undoubtedly have properties that are beyond dispute. Noni Fruit is an excellent source of beneficial acids, Vitamin C and alkaloids. The fruit is taken for lumbago, asthma and dysentery. The bark of the Morinda produces a reddish purple and brown dye used in making batik.

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