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Garlic has been used throughout history for both culinary and medicinal purposes. The garlic plant's bulb is the most commonly used part of the plant. Garlic has been found to have antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity. Garlic is also claimed to help prevent heart disease, including atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure and cancer. It contains allicin, a powerful antibiotic and anti fungal compound phytoncide. It also contains the sulfur containing compounds alliin, ajoene, diallylsulfide, dithiin, S -allylcysteine, and enzymes, vitamin B , Proteins, minerals, saponins and flavoring. Furthermore a phytolexin called allixin (3 -hydroxy-5 -methoxy-6 - methyl -2-penthyl-4H -pyran-4 -one) was found, a non -sulfur compound with a γ -pyrone skeleton structure with anti -oxidative effects, anti -microbial effects, anti -tumor promoting effects, inhibition of aflatoxin B2 DNA binding, and neurotrophic effects. We are large exporters and suppliers of Garlic Extract that are processed in state of the art facilities under the able guidance of our skilled and experienced agriculturists. It is also used in treating upper respiratory infections (especially bronchitis), late -onset diabetes, urinary infections, acne, asthma, sinusitis, arthritis and ulcers to name only a few.

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